Meet the MINDBODY Team: Zoie and Matthew

With over 27,000 clients, our technical support agents field a lot of questions on a daily basis. We strive to provide industry-leading service, and our agents go above and beyond and help each client they encounter.

We’d like to introduce you to two of these amazing MINDBODY team members and share the words that our clients wrote about their experience with them.

From Natalie:

Meet Zoie

When Zoie heard about MINDBODY while in her second year of college, she was thrilled to discover how well its warm and upbuilding environment matched her own up-beat personality. After she hit the tech floor in December of 2011, she wasted no time in falling in love with MINDBODY's core values, culture and, most importantly, its clients! Almost two years later the romance is still going strong, and she feels privileged to work in a place that truly cares for both its customers and its employees. For her clients, she has one piece of advice: "Keep calm, and call Tech Support!"

From Amanda:

Meet Matt

Matthew Staley has been in MIDNBODY technical support since December of 2012. While there, he has found an amazing workplace where, more often than not, he considers his co-workers, friends. Having worked at other call centers before in his career, Matthew feels that he has never witnessed such a positive and pleasant customer base. He understands that the software his customers are learning is robust with many ways to do different things. MINDBODY customers always have a positive attitude towards learning and Matthew considers himself lucky to speak with them on a daily basis.