Here to Help You Grow: Meet the Business Development Team

The Wellness industry is vast and covers many different types of businesses. Here at MINDBODY, we work with everyone from salons to martial arts studios, affiliate boxes to health clubs and beyond.

But we are more than simply a software provider; we help our clients adapt to the latest technologies in their industries and teach them how to integrate those tools with their MINDBODY software.

This is where MINDBODY’s Business Development team comes in – we connect our clients with all the options available to help them increase revenue, increase retention of their existing clients and improve their marketing efforts to attract new business. The Business Development Specialists are truly living the MINDBODY mission: Leveraging Technology to Improve the Health and Wellness of the World.”

Our Technology Partners provide tools and services ranging from custom mobile apps, customer feedback systems, email marketing, automated reward programs, website development and integration and custom-printed gift cards, just to name a few. We like to think of it as an “à la carte” approach, offering our clients additional tools that we think can enhance business and make it more profitable. Every item may not be absolutely necessary for every vertical we service, but many are essential to each business.

Our Business Development Specialists are here to work with clients to see which of these tools would work best for their business. When the team was created in 2011, we offered services from just three technology partners. Today we offer services from over 14 partners and continually search for new technology that will easily integrate with our clients’ MINDBODY sites, providing cutting-edge advancements.

To learn more about which partner services are right for your business, contact us today.

MINDBODY clients experience 100% revenue growth in their first year. Take a tour to learn more.