Coming Soon: MINDBODY Software Certifications

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Do you wish you knew more about what you can do with your MINDBODY software? Or maybe you’ve been looking for a simple way to train your new staff on using the platform. We designed the new MINDBODY software certifications to help.

This certification program focuses on software skills appropriate for different MINDBODY software users, and is hosted in our online learning portal with self-paced online videos and links to helpful resources. After completing the lessons in each level, you’ll earn your certification by passing an exam, and in the case of a Software Consultant, completing an exit interview.

Level 1: Front Desk Staff | Self-guided online course and test

The Front Desk Staff certification covers skills appropriate for front-desk staff or other staff who may welcome clients, work with schedules, or collect payments. Participants in this training will learn and be tested on adding new clients and looking up clients, basic client management, scheduling services, retail point of sale, and more.

Level 2: Manager | Self-guided online course and test

The Manager certification builds on what front desk employees or staff can perform. Participants in this training will learn and be tested on new service setup and scheduling, staff management, advanced client management, creating pricing and products, common reports, dashboard, auto emails, client alerts, and more. (Note: While there’s a certification fee, the training content for this level is free.)

Level 3: Software Consultant | Self-guided online course and test

The Software Consultant certification creates graduates who are well-rounded in the software and know a little of everything, or at least know how to find the answer. Participants will learn and be tested on optimizing the software across all settings pages, running and interpreting additional reports, and tagging at an expert level. They also know a bit about the various MINDBODY apps and partners, and what business opportunities each of those help create.

The Front Desk version is live now, and the next two levels are coming soon. Visit our portal, click the Coming Soon button for the level you’re interested in, and fill out a short form to be added to our interest list. As we prepare to release those levels, you’ll be the first to know.

Prefer to learn in person? Join us at BOLD.

At BOLD, we’ll be hosting a live training session of the Manager level. Bring your staff to get them trained, have their MINDBODY questions answered, and get them certified. Interested? Select the certifications add-on when registering. Space is limited.

Questions about the certification process? Check out our guide

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