After the Win: What's Next for Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley

Recently, our friend and client, Tyron Woodley won his UFC 171 match versus Carlos Condit. We caught up with Tyron to find out more about his experience as both an athlete and a business owner while in the cage in Houston.

MINDBODY: What was it like when you entered the cage for the fight?

Tyron Woodley: I was reassuring myself that all of the work was done. I felt it was my time, and I had a sense of peace that came over me! Almost as if God was letting me know everything was in his hands and ok. 

MB: After your big win, what do you plan to do next?

TW: I plan to get back to training and be ready for whoever/whatever the UFC has for me. 

MB: You were gone for a while from your gym and now are heading on a well-deserved vacation.  How did your business fare while you were gone?

TW: While I was gone my business actually grew! With a great team, organization, systems and the best membership software on the globe [MINDBODY], we are unstoppable in and out of the cage!

MB: Do you expect new customers at ATT Evo after the win? If so, how will you handle the new customers?

TW: Since the win we have signed up several new clients. We plan on riding the wave out and using the positive pub to sign up more. 

MB: After months of training, what was the first thing you did Sunday morning?

TW: The first thing I did Sunday after the fight was have breakfast with friends. Then I hunted down some Thai-style sticky rice with mango. 

MB: What did you learn from this fight?

TW: After this fight I realized I am one of the best Welterweights in the world when I believe in myself. 

MB: When will you know if you get a title shot?

TW: I have a series of meeting in the upcoming week and those decisions will be made then. 

Tyron Woodley is a paid endorser of MINDBODY.