A Visit and a WOD with CrossFit Inferno

The MINDBODY team with Bill Grundler

There are over 300 affiliates being represented at this year’s Games, but only one shares a hometown with MINDBODY: CrossFit Inferno. Last week, we had the opportunity to visit Inferno and learn more about the business of being a box with Bill Grundler, owner of CrossFit Inferno.

In order to get a complete glimpse of what life is like as a box owner, we asked Bill to create a WOD for us to complete under his direction and six brave MINDBODY employees took on the challenge.

Bill designed a special WOD for us, a scaled down version of the WOD that the rest of the athletes at CrossFit Inferno would be completing throughout the day. As our team was lead through each exercise, Bill helped and cheered each person doing to the workout, but it’s that aspect of helping people achieve their goals that lead Bill to begin Inferno in the first place.

“I love helping people and helping them achieve certain goals,” Bill says. Inferno started as an online service for firefighters, but after a while, Bill transitioned it into a physical business and an affiliate box.

MINDBODY working out at CrossFit Inferno

As CrossFit Inferno’s client list grew, Bill and his coaches needed a way to keep track of everyone. They turned to MINDBODY to help manage their client base, but Bill still was left with some other bits of running a business to figure out.

“I never would have thought making sure I had enough toilet paper in the gym would be important, but it is.”

Bill said that he enjoys running his business, especially the parts he didn’t know about before he opened Inferno. Our visit to CrossFit Inferno showed his love of his business and fitness, the combination of which make CrossFit Inferno a wonderful place to workout and experience your first WOD.

MINDBODY working out at CrossFit Inferno

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