Taking on Fitness Tracking Technology: 2014 MINDBODY Hackathon

We recently challenged our development teams to spend an entire day hacking, with one goal in mind: to find new ways to integrate fitness tracking technologies and APIs with MINDBODY.

At the event—the third we’ve held here at MINDBODY—our developers worked with the Fitbit® Flex™, Fitbit® Aria™ WiFi Smart Scale, Jawbone® UP24™ and the Adidas® FIT SMART™, as well as Apple’s Health app and Google’s Google Fit.

Our teams jumped in and began scribbling their ideas on whiteboards around the office. When they needed some extra inspiration, team members could hop into a yoga, juggling or aerial arts class.

Each team presented an eight-minute demo in front of the MINDBODY executive team. The presentations were both entertaining and informative, and in the end, the executive team selected their favorites:

  1. Most Innovative and CEO Rick Stollmeyer’s Pick: “MINDBODY Achieve,” a platform built with Human API on MINDBODY Exchange™ that encourages employee wellness by offering ways to level up and earn rewards, including paid time off.
  2. Best UX: “Connect with Connect,” a dating app that syncs your wearable tracking device with MINDBODY Connect™ to provide matches based on your wellness habits, such as sleep patterns, types of classes you take and body type desired.
  3. Healthiest App: “GET Well (Goal Endurance Tracker),” a platform that gyms, corporations and individuals can use to manage team challenges through goal-tracking using data pulled from wearable devices as well as MINDBODY Connect.
  4. Funniest App: “LazyLogr,” an app that motivates you to work out through negative reinforcement, such as notifications like, “You are either powering through the entire LOTR special edition box set, or you fell in the shower and can’t get up. Should I dial 911?”

In addition to the main fitness technology challenge, the MINDBODY hackathon encouraged our development team members to try coding with different languages, platforms, and frameworks than they were accustomed to.

Events like the MINDBODY hackathon are a win for everyone—they ensure that our developers have the opportunity to innovate, in order to create the best software possible, and MINDBODY gets fresh ideas for new products that we might develop in the future.