Taking a Chance on MINDBODY University

Before every MINDBODY University event, we call MINDBODY subscribers who may benefit from attending. We often hear that MBU is too expensive for people to attend. This blog post is about one MINDBODY subscriber who took a chance on MINDBODY University.

When I first called Mary Peacock, owner of The Pilates & Yoga Center of Lake St. Louis in Wentzville, Missouri, she told me that she had contemplated attending MBU in the past, but never attended, as the costs seemed too much for her. After talking with her, I was able to persuade her to try MINDBODY University, and she flew halfway across the country to join us at MBU San Diego in February.

About halfway through the first day, Mary approached me and told me she was thrilled that she had decided to come. For the remainder of the conference I never saw her without a huge smile across her face. In fact, Mary was so enthusiastic about MINDBODY University that she won a future registration to a MBU of her choice through our social media contest.

I followed up with Mary after the conference. When I asked her what her first impression was of MBU, she said, “The price was high, but after getting to the conference, I realized I would be taking away my new vision for my business—this happened instantly!”

While Mary was concerned about the cost and taking time away from her business, as a businesswoman, she knew she had to invest both time and money into her business to help it grow.

After leaving MINDBODY University, Mary went home and created membership pricing. The information she learned from MBU helped her realize how important it was to get a new revenue stream up and running, as well as the tools she could use to make sure she was running her business efficiently.

Mary offers advice to anyone who might feel that MINDBODY University is out of their price range. “Attend, attend, attend! MINDBODY is your partner in business! They’re not just another fly-by-night company taking you for your money. They want to see you succeed. These are not just words with MINDBODY: these are words they built their company on.”

“I feel they truly are my small business partner. The online presence and continued educational support are worth the expense if you want to grow. I want to make a living with my career—not just get by.”

Since MBU, Mary has been able to focus more, follow up with clients and be more accountable.

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