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Take a Working Vacation with MINDBODY FitPro and WBMC

You have your choice of fitness conferences to attend, but only MINDBODY FitPro lets you take a vacation while learning how to make your business better from industry leaders, like Marianne Emma Jeff, Managing Director of the Women’s Business Momentum Center.

Marianne Emma Jeff founded the Women’s Business Momentum Center to support women stepping into their true calling after she found herself empty while life coaching.  She found that when she focused her energy on business coaching allowed for more structure and created the results her clients were looking for. Since founding her business, Marianne Emma has helped numerous women grow their businesses.

“I get so many thank you cards, emails, texts, and presents from clients. It still amazes me how grateful they are and what a difference it makes for them to be working with me.”

Like her clients, Marianne Emma is constantly growing her business and launched a conference two years ago called Her Story, a daylong gathering of twenty women learning to share their stories in a comfortable, safe environment.

“The ladies who speak take on a new level of confidence. One lady approached her business partner with whom she had been unhappy for several years the day after speaking and told him she wanted to buy him out. He was blown away and asked where she got this confidence from and then agreed to let her buy him out.”

Join Marianne Emma at MINDBODY FitPro and learn how to “Get Clients Now.” If you want to learn more about Marianne Emma and the Women’s Business Momentum Center, you can check out WBMC’s website here.

This is the fourth post in a series featuring our speakers at MINDBODY FitPro, MINDBODY’s conference for fitness professionals. You can learn more about our speakers from Constant Contact, Fitness Profit Systems, and SpaFinder® Wellness, as well as visit the MINDBODY FitPro website here.