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Take a Working Vacation with MINDBODY FitPro and Perkville

You have your choice of fitness conferences to attend, but only MINDBODY FitPro lets you take a vacation while learning how to make your business better from industry leaders, like Sophia Wong, Marketing Manager for Perkville.

Sophia has worked in the health and fitness industry for the last decade, but now works a Perkville; a company that specializes in maintaining customer loyalty, without loyalty cards. She believes in the power of fitness and how it can transform lives, which has lead her to discover her passion for helping fitness businesses succeed and grow.

At MINDBODY FitPro, Sophia will be sharing thips on how to engage and motivate your clients, regardless of their fitness level. She will focus on success stories, both by sharing them and asking for them.

This is the seventh post in a series featuring our speakers at MINDBODY FitPro, MINDBODY’s conference for fitness professionals. You can learn more about our speakers from Constant Contact, Fitness Profit Systems, SpaFinder® Wellness, the Women’s Business Momentum Center, Unified Lifestyle, peerFit, ACE, and John Carmean and Tara Sampson, as well as visit the MINDBODY FitPro website here.