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Take a Working Vacation with MINDBODY FitPro and Fitness Profit Systems

You have your choice of fitness conferences to attend, but only MINDBODY FitPro lets you take a vacation while learning how to make your business better from industry leaders, like Vito La Fata, Owner of Fitness Profit Systems.

Vito La Fata is the founder and CEO of Fitness Profit Systems, a company dedicated to help fitness professionals develop improved fitness programming, attract income, and achieve success. Vito founded FPS because of his own passion for fitness after leaving unfulfilling jobs in the finance and fashion industries. Since starting FPS, he has helped trainers learn business and marketing so that they can use their passion for fitness to generate profit.

When asked how the fitness industry will change over the next ten years, Vito says that more of it will go online and onto multimedia devices, stressing that the inability to adapt to the changing consumer landscape will make business tough in the next few years. Although there may be a struggle for fitness professionals in the coming years, Vito will be there to help them succeed, fulfilling the most rewarding aspect of his business. “Having one of my coaches call me from Paris and say ‘This vacation, the money in the bank, this time with my family would not have been possible without the push you gave me.’”

If you want to learn more about Vito, you can check out his website here, and if you want to join us in Marina del Ray for MINDBODY FitPro, you can find more information here.