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Take a Working Vacation with MINDBODY FitPro and ACE

We asked Jessica Matthews to write about her MINDBODY FitPro session will include. This guest post is the sixth post in our series featuring MINDBODY FitPro speakers. You can read the other posts here.

If I had one take home message to those looking to create a name for themselves in the world of health and fitness it would this—always be yourself. While that tip may sound pretty obvious at first glance, throughout my own career, as well as my years of experience working with current and future fitness professionals, I have found that what to some may seem like a simple task can actually prove to be quite challenging.

During my MINDBODY FitPro session, “Creating, Cultivating and Living Your Brand in the Fitness Industry,” I will be sharing my personal strategies for success when it comes to establishing and growing your brand. From making the most of social media and consistently communicating your message, to establishing connections and maintaining the loyalty of those you interact with, the insight that I’ll be offering is based on lessons learned as I’ve worked to differentiate myself by believing in and being myself in an ever-evolving industry.

From alignment and authenticity to putting forth a unique perspective fused with personality, let’s journey together and uncover the strategies you can set into motion immediately to begin maximizing the work that you are already doing inspiring others to lead their most fit lives.

You can learn more about our speakers from Constant Contact, Fitness Profit Systems, SpaFinder® Wellness, the Women’s Business Momentum Center, Unified Lifestyle, peerFit as well as visit the MINDBODY FitPro website here.