How Healthy is Your Business?

A trainer at Equilibirum Fitness, a MINDBODY client since 2007.

Do you know what key metrics you should be tracking to determine how your business is doing? Have you been able to implement the basic budgeting and planning necessary to keep your business going well into the future? Join us at the BOLD MINDBODY Conference on October 13 and 14 in Santa Monica, California, to find out. Christy Wenning, MINDBODY’s Sales Coordination Manager, will walk you through all you need to know to effectively plan and manage your business performance.

On Tuesday, October 14, at 11:30AM, join Christy for “Measuring the Health of Your Business.” This hour-long breakout session will reveal how to measure the success of your business using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). While KPIs are different for every business, this session will explore how to identify the KPIs most important to tracking the health of your business.

Then at 2:00PM, join Christy for “Creating a Viable Business.” The longevity of your business depends on your ability to quantify how it’s doing, and this session will help you learn to track the money coming in and going out—the story each dollar tells. “Creating a Viable Business” will help you discover the best ways to budget your revenue and expenses to keep your business thriving.