A Celebration of 50 MINDBODY University Events

MINDBODY University Yoga

Last month, we hosted our 50th MINDBODY University event in Vancouver, Canada. To celebrate, we wanted to share three of our favorite milestones from MINDBODY University over the years.

The First MINDBODY University

We held our first MINDBODY University events in 2006 in California and New York. When we held our first MINDBODY University events in 2006, they were much smaller than they are today: our first MBU in New York had 35 attendees; at MBU San Diego in February, we had 143 attendees.

MINDBODY University New York

Our first MINDBODY University in New York

MINDBODY University San Diego

MINDBODY University San Diego

More Registrants, More Locations

Over time, we realized that we needed to expand where we offered MBU. We added more California events in Marina del Rey and now San Diego, included Chicago, launched in Miami and expanded to include international events in London and Sydney.


MBU Attendee Leigh Ann Reilly at MBU Marina del Rey, September 2013

Tara Roulis at MBU Chicago

MBU Attendee Tara Roulis at MBU Chicago, June 2014

Meeting over 3,200 MINDBODY subscribers

During the three days of MINDBODY University, attendees learn from us, but we also learn from each of them. Over the years, we’ve met some fantastic people at MINDBODY University. (You can read one of their stories here.)

Came here to grow! We do so many things right with an 83% client retention rate (if we did that KPI thing right... Thanks Emily!) Now time to grow like crazy! Thanks Mindbody!

Posted by Denice McClure on Thursday, March 26, 2015

Baby at MBU

Our youngest MINBODY University Attendee at MBU Vancouver

The first 50 MINDBODY University events have been amazing, and we can’t wait for the next 50.  Won’t you join us at one of our future events? Click here for a list.

MINDBODY University offers software and business education.

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