Writing Your Way To New Clients

When a prospective client considers trying out a new studio, trainer or independent instructor, what do they want to see first and foremost? They want to see a sign or indication that they can trust the expertise of their potential new instructors. They want validation or proof that the instructors are knowledgeable and provide good recommendations to help their clients become healthier and more physically fit!

As instructors and studio owners, what can we do to reassure prospective clients that we are in fact good instructors, worthy of their trust and worthy of their business? How can we show prospective clients that we are well educated and provide not only great workouts, but also great fitness advice and recommendations?

One fun and effective way to do this is by writing articles—articles that educate the general public and our local community about how to stay physically healthy and fit in their daily lives, and articles that showcase our expertise and ability to provide clients with valuable information, advice and recommendations. Writing and sharing these kinds of articles will allow prospective clients to get to know us, trust us, and look forward to the opportunity to work with us. Sometimes as fitness instructors, we forget how scary it can be for new clients to hand over their hard-earned money to someone they don’t know and walk into a new studio to try exercises that can make them feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. So anything we can do to help prospective clients get to know and trust us will go a long way towards getting them to sign up and give us a try!

What should you write about?

When it comes to article topics, start by thinking about your current clientele and their most frequently asked questions, issues or needs. Also think about the characteristics of your community and their lifestyle. What fitness concerns or needs do your clients have? What kind of advice would they benefit from?

Where should you publish your articles?

Start by posting the articles on a blog page that is incorporated into your website. Then be sure to share your articles in your email newsletters and on your social media pages. Many do-it-yourself website design programs now offer a blog page to include on your website alongside your standard website pages. And you can include your blog page on your navigation bar for easy access.
Then look for opportunities to publish your articles.

  • Look for locally based online or print publications and contact them about opportunities to submit an article of interest as a guest writer. Plus, local newspapers, radio stations and magazines often have online blogs where they post extra articles and are more accepting of guest writers, so look for those as well. When you’re published through a locally-based publication, business or community group, it grows awareness for your business and helps bring you new clients. It also opens the door for other public appearances and special invitations (e.g., speaking at local events, being interviewed on the radio).
  • Consider other online publications that are wellness or fitness related. Websites like ElephantJournal.com can be a great place to start. They largely consist of content contributed by guest writers with a credible expertise (like fitness instructors) and have a structured process on how to submit your article for consideration. When you’re published by a general online medium that isn’t specific to your town, even though the majority of your readers will come from towns too far away to make them potential clients for you, the benefit comes back to you. You’ll be able to say in your marketing materials that you’ve been “published by [publication name].” This adds extra credibility to your expertise and is appealing for local prospective clients to see when considering your studio!

How frequently should you write articles?

Aim to write and share a new article 1–2  times per month, whether posted on your own website or published by someone else. No need to make the articles lengthy: Just focus on providing great content in a positive, upbeat manner and stay consistent in providing new content each month.

Writing and sharing articles is a great way to show your expertise to prospective clients and grow awareness for your studio, or for yourself as an independent trainer or instructor. Sharing your knowledge, advice, and recommendations will help your community come to know you, trust you, and want the opportunity to work with you!