Winning the Internet for Your Business

Why Use the Internet?

It is easy to be intimidated by the Internet as a business owner. Computer code, designers, social media—it is a lot to take in, and intimidating for a huge number of business owners. It doesn’t have to be.

There’s one compelling reason to hop online as a business owner: to make a profit. Keeping things simple and easy to understand is the way to go. Approaching the Internet with this in mind is the best way to proceed and improve how you leverage the Internet for your success.

Here are three areas or concepts that will help you start out right: 

Understanding Search Results

You search the Internet; you get results. Simple, right?

When you type a search phrase, the search engine’s algorithm crawls the web and builds a database of information that it deems relevant to your search. 

This means that if you have a website, you have to be answering questions. Having a website that talks about how great you and your employees are does little to answer the questions about the service you offer.

When you start thinking about building a site, you need to find out what questions people are asking. What your target market is looking for should inform your decisions about how to actually structure your site.

What Your Site Should Be Doing

Don’t be afraid to build specific pages for specific questions, as long as you can write original text on that specific item. End up with lots of pages? Make sure they are organized by category, to show the search engine the relationships/importance/structure. When you structure content, you build authority.

Well-answered questions, organized categorically, can boost your position on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), because the search engine sees real value in what you built. Other factors that relate to this are a good page <title> and <description> in the code of each page, which you can tag with the help of a designer or content management system (CMS).

Your site needs to convert. Converting can be a phone call or email submission/subscription. If you can generate a conversion, then you are in great shape to succeed. Be creative in your deployment of conversion techniques, and don’t be afraid to test different formats or methods in different areas. 

Making a Sustained Effort

The Internet is a bit like the Wild West. Building a website alone will not be enough to get you seen, or to add new clients. A website is like an unseen flyer: If no one finds it, it has no effect.

As the Internet evolves—whether it be from fashion, coding standards, or user interfaces—so must you. A basic awareness of the evolving nature of the Internet is a must, so that you can stay at the top of everyone’s SERPs. Even if you aren’t the person who handles the nitty-gritty of building your website, a basic awareness of how this works is incredibly important.

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Barnaby is the Director of the ABC Academy of Music and is the author of Winning the Internet, a book about SEO for small business owners.

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