Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your Social, Local, and Mobile Marketing Strategy

1.  Build Your Business an SEO-Friendly Website
Creating an online presence that showcases your business in its most professional light is an obvious but incredibly important first step.  Shockingly, it’s also a step that is overlooked by almost half of all small- to medium-sized businesses!  And since an incredible 93% of consumer spending begins with an Internet search, technology-resistant companies are left struggling to capture the “leftover” seven percent of the market share.

2.  Cater to Screens Large and Small
Since one in every four searches is done on a mobile device, just having a website is not enough.  Your business needs an easy-to-navigate mobile site that delivers a user-centric experience for searchers with spontaneity in mind.  LiveEdit has always created amazing mobile-ready websites as part of our digital marketing platform.  Later this month, with the rollout of our new product, Aurora 1.5, we will be offering new responsive design integration!

3.  Nurture Your Client Relationship with Newsletters and Targeted Emails
Every savvy business owner knows that the cost of acquiring new customers far exceeds the cost of retaining the ones you already have.  A solid monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your loyal client base informed and connected.  LiveEdit’s integrated email marketing tools let you create e-letters with the ease of our drag and drop editor!  Paired with MINDBODY’s insightful customer segments, you can intelligently target specific demographics of your choice with customized marketing messages.  

4.  Offer Value with Relevant Local Content
Using a blog is a great way to add fresh content to your site while bolstering your SEO and creating brand awareness.  All LiveEdit sites have a blog built right into their website templates.  However, small- to medium-sized businesses owners often worry that they don’t know what to write, how to write, or who to address.  Need some help?  LiveEdit’s new Market Insights portfolio can analyze your customer base and help you refine your brand’s marketing voice, letting you deliver the perfect message to exactly the right audience.

5.  Turn On Your Inner Social Butterfly!
Sharing your website content on your social media drives traffic right back to your website.  It’s also a great way to cement yourself as an authority within your industry, to network with your current clients, and to acquire more.  Plus, evidence shows that businesses with websites showing a strong social connection through Facebook, Twitter, and, Google+ tend to rank higher.  So, get online and start posting, tweeting, and +1’ing!

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