Top 10 Places Key Tags Give You Free Marketing

Although you can use key tags to help make your customers’ experience at your business seamless, key tags can also serve a second purpose. Here’s a list of ten places where your key tags can market your business for you.

  1. Grocery Store – As the checker scans your store loyalty key tag.
  2. Hair Salon – The stylist sees the Pilates studio you attend, and tells all their clients.
  3. School – your child’s school or the college you attend class.
  4. The Gym/Box – Sharing the yoga studio you attend to complement your fitness routine.
  5. At a bar – Setting them down when you meet up with friends.
  6. The Playground – Resting in the cup holder of the stroller.
  7. Bowling! – Going for three strikes in a row.
  8. Window shopping – Meandering through your favorite downtown spots.
  9. Starbucks – Getting that green tea after your morning run.
  10. Anywhere You Have Your Keys.

Your key tag is a travelling billboard. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to market your business. Key tags are the most cost effective way to have your brand seen around town. Email to get your name out there!