The Importance of PR-formance Tracking

Tracking performance in any fitness industry helps members continue to improve and provides validation of the benefits they receive from your business. But in the rapidly growing sport of box training—a fitness regimen that relies heavily on measuring performance and benchmark workouts— tracking progress plays a critical role. Making the decision to put a formal performance or WOD (workout of the day) tracking program in place can benefit your box and your members.

Why is WOD tracking important, you might ask? Have you ever had a member come into your box ready to conquer a WOD that includes a movement at 75% of their 1RM (one rep max), and even though you did one rep maxes a few weeks ago, they’re not sure what weight to use? Most likely, the answer is “yes”.

By encouraging your members to record their performance (especially benchmark workouts, personal records [PRs] or one rep maxes), they can easily reference the weight they’ve used in the past. As a box owner or trainer, having this information readily accessible helps your classes run smoothly but also allows you to consult with members to make sure they are scaling workouts safely and accurately. By charting your members’ past performance—the peaks, valleys and even the downhill slopes—you can visually show them where they started, how far you’ve helped them come and your plan to get them to where they want to be. And that’s a powerful message.

Understanding the importance of WOD tracking is one thing, but actually getting started is another. A totalWOD client, CrossFit Hollywood, recognized the need to take their tracking program to the next level when their whiteboard started to become unruly. “Our evening classes couldn’t even add scores to the whiteboard and results were getting lost. We knew it was time for something new, and we wanted to find something that we could grow into, but we weren’t sure where to start,” said Robert Madero, a senior trainer at CrossFit Hollywood.

They turned to MINDBODY Box to help manage day-to-day operations, complete with  totalWOD to handle the performance tracking.

“The combination of products made it easy for us to keep everything centralized. Our members can manage their entire workout experience from one place—from class registration to recording a WOD—and it’s helped us not only continue to grow, but strengthen our relationships with current members,” Madero said.

What is the MINDBODY Box package, you ask? To explain, let’s get inside the mind of an athlete for a moment. The day begins by registering for class, checking to see what the WOD is for the day (and maybe deciding to reverse that class registration) and then after completing a workout, recording their score in some fashion—whether that’s in a notebook, up on the whiteboard or electronically.

MINDBODY’s partnership with totalWOD makes it possible for a box member to manage all of these functions in one spot—and even better, that “spot” is an app that lives on their phone.

“We love being able to direct members to one place to manage their workout experience. If we can make their daily routine and their interaction with our business easier, it will keep them coming back… maybe with some friends,” said Madero.

Blog post by totalWOD:
totalWOD has developed one of the leading WOD tracking tools for the competitive fitness industry. Through a deep integration with MINDBODY’s core business management software, totalWOD delivers powerful yet easy-to-use performance tracking to box owners. totalWOD’s web-based software offers WOD (workout of the day) tracking, mobile class registration, social media and community features, as well as custom leaderboards for each box.