The Holidays are Here (In Case You Didn't Know)

The holidays always seem to creep up on us every year. The best laid plans to start shopping early always seem to end up with rushed shipping in a last ditch effort to get the most amazing gift at the eleventh hour. While ordering gifts online is great, there’s something to be said about walking into a business, and getting a service that the recipient is going to love. We’re just trying to make things a little easier with some holiday gift ideas for you (and maybe your clients as well.)

1. Gift cards or Gift Certificates. What? You don’t have them, or they’re collecting dust under the counter? MINDBODY makes it easy to use both gift cards and gift certificates. Just load the amount in your retail screen and Voila! Instant gift for your clients (and extra money to you). You can make special holiday cards with the simple addition of a bow – How festive!

2. The stereotypical special.  Offer something like “buy one, get one half price” or “purchase a gift card, get a T-Shirt.” Remember, every time you kick in a little something extra, your clients will be grateful, and your name gets out a little more.

3. Take the stress off your clients with a “Happy Holiday” offer. This is for your clients, not their friends or loved ones. Offer training packages, massages, yoga or whatever floats your boat to your clients at a discounted rate (you know, just before the holidays hit full force). Make it limited time, and something fun! Only your current clients would be able to take advantage of this special.

4. Gift cards for your employees! – Yes, they may work at your business, but the heartbeat (or at least the arteries) of your business deserve some love too.  Gifting a little something to your employees is a great way to say “Thank you.” Spas and salons may offer treatments, while businesses that offer free classes for employees can offer a free one-on-one session. Since you have such a rockin’ business anyway, your employees are already purchasing the gift cards from your special, right?

5. Client rush gift cards.  We know that attendance can dwindle around the holidays, so reward your steadfast subscribers and clients with a killer special before your wonky hours start. For coming, they can receive a gift card worth (for example) $10 that can be gifted to a friend, or they can use it themselves at your business.

6. Holiday drawing. It’s easy and only takes a fishbowl on your counter.  Encourage your clients to put in their names and contact information. It’s an easy way to make sure you have the right client information in your system, and a neat perk for your clients. Offer something like a “New Holiday Do” or “After Holiday Body.” Send the announcement of the winner in your holiday newsletter with all those correct email addresses you collected.

7. Holiday Open House.  What a great way to incorporate EVERYTHING. You can offer those dusty gift cards at a special rate to new clients who visited and entered in the holiday drawing. Even if you only offer your gift cards at a normal price, it’s still a great opportunity to get warm and fuzzy with your clients. Make it fun for yourself with small tasty treats, some warm apple cider and festive attire. You don’t really need to do anything more. If you want to go all out, advertise, offer specials, spotlight your employees and clients, holiday drawings, and get the local newspaper involved. (Oooo! Hire performers and get a discoball and dj, hold a dance in your open spaces… Wow… that escalated quickly…) What we’re trying to say is a little time to connect with your clients when they’re connecting with friends and family is a great way to open your circle and theirs.

These are just a few ideas of what to do during this festive time of year (which can be used year around as well). There’s no real reason not to play with some of the ideas above. Let us know what you like to do with gift cards and specials if your holiday mood moves you.

 If you need those gift cards or are interested in using MINDBODY online gift certificates, give us a call! We’re happy to walk you through set up or get an order going for you.

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