Special Deals and Social Media

One the busiest shopping weekends of the year has arrived! Between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, your business has plenty of opportunities to shine and gain new customers.

You may not have a deal to offer yet, but with some help from social media, you may be able to offer an amazing deal. Jolie Cash, owner of Nature’s Whisper School of Yoga in San Diego, California, is offering a special deal for new customers on Small Business Saturday.

“They can get a free class if they bring something for the book and pajama drive we’re doing,” Jolie said.

As for returning clients, if they buy a class pass on Saturday, they’ll get a free pass for childcare at the studio for the length of the class pass.

“It’s our first year doing this, as far as Small Business Saturday goes,” Jolie said. “We’ve actually been getting donations already.”

Jolie is marketing her deal through word-of-mouth, her newsletter, and social media. On social media, Jolie is promoting both her offer and the Pajama Project, the charity she is partnering with on Nature's Whisper's Facebook cover photo.

By working with a charity, Jolie is showcasing how her business gives back to the community and gives an added incentive for people to come into Nature’s Whisper.

“Working with a charity is one of the best ways to go. People are compelled to give this time of year,” Jolie said. “It’s also human nature that people want something in return if they give, so it’s a win-win.”

If you want to advertise a promotion on your social media pages, you have many options. You could change your Facebook cover photo, like Jolie, or create an event on your page to advertise your deal. As always, let us know if you have a deal going on this weekend and how you advertised for it!

We can help your business run smoothly through the holidays.