Social Sourcing: Building Your Brand to Find Your Next Employee

Social media is a great way to build an online presence for your business and interact with the people who visit your studio, gym or dojo. Did you also know this is a great place to allure potential employees?

From trainers to sales people, any candidate can benefit by learning more about your company online. Follow these guidelines to help attract, and possibly hire, your next employee:

  1. Consistently update your social media accounts with interesting content. Create a schedule for posting and stick to it (try to post at least three times a week). Remember, quality over quantity is key. Stick to this guideline: would people thank you for posting? If not, don’t post!
  2. Use quality pictures of your space and of other employees doing what they love, so a future employee will get a feel for what it’s like to work at your business. They will come ready and excited to find out more.
  3. Depending on your hiring volume, you can devote a section of your Facebook profile or LinkedIn page to talk about any benefits offered (discounts, insurance, etc.).
  4. Be cognizant of posting times. Did you know that engagement on social media is 32% higher on the weekends? Use posting times as a guide to help you reach the maximum amount of people (and maybe future employees).
  5. Use analytics to gauge what your audience likes to see. Facebook provides insights into how people are engaging with your content. Use these engagement metrics as a roadmap for content, and don’t forget to post photos of your staff doing what they love, whether it’s styling hair, checking people in or cleaning up the confetti from your open house event last night.

Always remember: authenticity is the name of the game. Get creative, be real and have fun showing off the business you love!

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