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Show Your Clients Love This Valentine’s Day

Photo courtesy of Purple Blossom Yoga in Greenville, NC

February is all about showing appreciation for the people we love. So why should this be any different for your business? Here are three ways you can show some love to the people who matter most to your business: your clients.

Send out valentines

Give your clients a sweet treat by sending them a valentine with a promo code included. Creating a promo code is easy, and you can pick anything you want to discount—from a well-loved product to your most popular class.
Check out our support center for instructions on how to create your own promo code. When it comes to distributing your valentine, you can either send it out via email to everyone on your list, or pull an Attendance Analysis report to see which clients come in the most to give them a little extra love. You can also print and hand them out to encourage people to come back again.

Give a gift, get a new client

Be My Sweaty Valentine Buy-one Get-one by Open Door Yoga in Raleigh, NC

Use referral rewards to encourage your clients to bring someone in with them on Valentine’s Day. This is great for everyone—your customers get a gift, and you get a potential new client. The reward could be a discounted class or service, or maybe some swag to wear around town (making it even easier to promote your business). Don’t forget to give their friend some type of reward, too. After all, this could be the day they fall in love with your business.

Party heart-y

Wild Hearts Single Mingle Circuit hosted by 9th and 9th Pilates in Salt Lake City, UT

Throw a heart-themed party at your business for all the clients who choose to spend Valentine’s Day with you. Set up a table with heart healthy snacks (dark chocolate counts) and decorations to make it festive. Get your clients to participate by creating a board where they can write in the things they love. You can also hold raffles and contests for everyone who comes in and makes a purchase or takes a class throughout the day.

No matter what you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, be sure to tell your clients how much you love and appreciate them. Chances are, they have the same feelings for you.

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