Receipt printer, or no receipt printer? Read this first.


Not only does a receipt printer print those nice square receipts that tuck nicely into your clients' wallets and make your business look more professional, but they can also save you real money and reduce impact on the environment pretty quickly.

Many companies selling hardware such as printers are becoming more and more conscious of the impact their products have on the environment, particularly in terms of power consumption, but there are other factors to consider. If you are thinking of using your regular inkjet or laser printer to print sales receipts for your customers  instead of investing in a receipt printer, consider this...

10,000 receipts printed each year on a new inkjet printer:

  • kWh = 621
  • CO2 = 847 (assuming 1.36 lb CO2/kWh)
  • Electricity cost = $59 (assuming $0.09500/kWh)
  • Paper used (10,000 sheets of 8.5 x 11 inch paper) = 935,000 sq inches = 6,493 sq feet of paper used. You could carpet quite a few studio floors with this amount of paper!

10,000 receipts printed each year on a Star Micronics TSP 100 printer:

  • kWh = 195(This is if you printed 12 hours per day and left the printer idle for 12 hours a day for 365 days a year. Even if you printed continuously for 24 hours per day, 365 days a year you would use 333 kWh per year, which is still way less than a new inkjet printer.)
  • CO2 = 453 (assuming 1.36 lb CO2/kWh)
  • Electricity cost = $32 (assuming $0.09500/kWh)
  • Paper used (10,000 receipts printed on 80 x 300 mm each [3 inches by 11 inches], this is a conservative estimate to account for consumer copies of receipts that occur with credit card transactions) = 240,000,000 sq mm =  2,580 square feet of paper

Estimated Savings:

How many of these will you save?How many of these will you save?

  • Total electricity savings by using TSP 100 = $27

Sure, 27 bucks a year isn't a lot of money these days, but look at what you save in environmental costs:

  • Total (minimum) CO2 savings by using TSP 100 = 426 lbs per year
  • Total paper saved by using TSP 100 = 3,913 square feet
  • Other savings: the TSP 100 prints using thermal heat and therefore requires no expensive ink cartridges or toner made up of plastic and chemicals that require special disposal.

And of course, you can always reduce even more waste by asking your customers this: "Would you like a copy of your receipt?" If they answer, "no ," then click Save no Receipt in MINDBODY. If they answer, "yes," then click Save Print Receipt in MINDBODY.

Please note: Credit card signature receipts are a best practice in the credit card industry to protect yourself in the event of a charge back.  As your partner,  we need to strongly encourage these standards for MINDBODY customers and require through our software that Save Print Receipt is used for all integrated credit card transactions.