Quick Tips for Improving your Search Ranking

The practice of optimizing a website to appear favorably in online searches is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a process that involves so many facets: it has turned into a full time job for many search engine marketers. Assuming you’re a business owner, you already have five full time jobs, so let’s talk about a few quick, easy, and effective ways you can optimize your site today – without having to hire your own search engine marketer.

Get Listed
First, make sure the world knows where you are! Get listed immediately on Google Places, Bing’s business portal, and Yelp.

Here are some links to get you started:

Use Keywords
Next, make a list of keywords people would use to find your business. Think of the top 5, top 10, or even top 15 keywords that you think clients and potential clients might use. The smaller the list, the more specific the focus, and the easier it is to optimize.

Quick side note: keyword is more of a misnomer these days – think ‘key phrases.’ That can include a few words, like bikram yoga class, women’s personal training, or mixed martial arts.

When creating any content for your website, be sure to reference these terms as often as possible. However, make sure the content is still reasonable & readable; always write for your consumers in readable sentences. Believe it or not, the search engines can tell if something is readable!

You should also use these keywords when naming pages within your site. Not only does it assure the consumer that they are looking at a page similar to what they searched for, but it tells search engines that this page is directly related to that keyword.

Images play a key role in SEO too. Search engines can’t read text in an image, but they can read the name of the image itself. Use those same keywords in what you title the images on your website.

Name Your Links
Last but not least, make your links work for you! A link on your page is not just a way of directing traffic. It also tells a search engine that this keyword is important. Avoid using phrases like ‘Click Here’ – instead link an entire sentence like “Book your next Pilates mat class.” Consumers will see that underline term and know what to do – and search engines will think your classes are a pretty big deal.

This is just the tip of the SEO iceberg! For more quick tips, join me on March 12th at 9am PST for a free webinar: Improve Your Ranking: Search Engine Optimization Tips