No More Busywork with the Touch of an App

The biggest perk to having your own business in the health and wellness industry is freedom: the freedom to set your own schedule, work with the clients that are best for you, and have full control over how you want to run your business.

With that awesome freedom also comes the great responsibility of making your business run so your clients are happy and you can make a living. It’s no surprise then that the majority of business owners in our industry feel stressed, overworked, and stretched too thin trying to balance all the demands of being your own boss.

That was how I initially felt running my own house call practice. When I launched it back in 2009, I was told by a good friend that “the average business owner works 60 hours a week to avoid working 40 for someone else.”

I took that to heart and accepted it as an absolute truth—my work weeks were around 60 hours. Half of that time was spent on treating patients while the remaining half was spent on marketing, email catch-up and tracking down patients to get them scheduled. You name it, I did it all to get my practice off the ground.

I was acting like a Jill of all trades and a master of none and trying to be my own marketing coordinator, communications director and administrative assistant for my practice; but all I really wanted to do was focus on being the doctor and taking great care of my patients.

And in the midst of all of it, I was also trying to manage my practice on the go. Because my business model was 100% house calls, I traveled to my patients, meaning that efficiency in my schedule and how I operated my practice was key.

The challenge I faced was that I had separate systems for everything back-office related. I had one system for scheduling, another for billing, another one for paperwork and charting, plus a separate one for marketing and communication.

While I was on the right track by managing my business 100% in the cloud, it was still cumbersome. Nothing was integrated. The systems couldn’t “talk” to each other, and it created a lot of redundant and unnecessary work. Then I found MINDBODY.

When I discovered MINDBODY, it was an absolute game-changer for how I could run a practice. Appointments could now be scheduled automatically and in advance, so my schedule filled up faster and in advance, plus my patients were more compliant with their treatment plans. Payments could be processed automatically, so I didn’t have to spend time at the time of an appointment or at the end of the day catching up on billing (and my patients loved that they didn’t have to worry about it either). Email follow-ups could be sent without me having to check my inbox all the time, all while able to track all of these tasks in one platform.

One system could do the job of the four systems I was paying for, saving me countless hours of admin time, and allowing me to access everything I need to manage my practice in one place and from anywhere.

And not only has MINDBODY impacted the way I practice, but the way I coach professionals in our industry on how to have more freedom outside of running their businesses.

Because of MINDBODY, my clients can literally eliminate all of the busywork they thought they had to do, all with the touch of an app.