Meet Dana: MINDBODY's Business Blogger

I fell in love with both exercise and marketing before I knew what either really was.

You see - I started dancing at the age of 3. But it wasn’t until more than a decade later that I learned from the world that all the hours I spent moving and sweating every week was this thing called exercise.

It was the same with marketing. In high school, I was on student council and in charge of making flyers to advertise the homecoming dance. I analyzed what fonts and word choice would come across as cool and be most appealing my high school friends. It wasn’t until I took college marketing courses years later that I learned I had already been “marketing” by customizing my design and ad copy for my target demographic.

Fast-forward through many years of work in marketing and sales for Fortune 500 companies, then opening, growing, and selling my own Pilates studio, and here I am – obsessed with bringing higher-level business and marketing education to the fitness world.

Fitness professionals are incredible people who change clients’ lives, so they deserve the best possible resources and support to build extraordinary businesses. They need to have business skills that are as amazing as their teaching skills.

And that is what I am here to do. I’m here to bring you every business and marketing lesson I’ve learned from my education and experience. When it comes to the business of fitness, I’ve got your back.

Check in with me here on the MINDBODY blog twice a month to bump-up your business skills. I’ll be sharing with you the best business advice and specific, straightforward steps to build an extraordinary fitness business.

Whether you’re a fitness instructor or owner, and whatever type of exercise you teach, I’ll cover the business topics you need to know to succeed.

See you soon!