LiveEdit Stations App: Finally, A Cure for “It’s MY Bike Syndrome”

When Karen Casler decided to open her San Clemente indoor cycling studio in 2012, she knew that she would need business management software, a great-looking website and 36 stationary bikes. She also knew that, in order to create the positive community experience that she was envisioning for CB CycleBarn®, she would need to manage a bizarre affliction that was plaguing riders at studios like hers—what she called “It’s MY Bike Syndrome.”

Whether it is the bike with the comfiest seat, the one beneath the fan, the one closest to the instructor, or the one they rode the day they got their all-time best, many avid indoor cyclists have a favorite bike. And without clearly defined rules of etiquette for reserving it, riders became territorial, rushing into the studio early and hovering in anxious anticipation to stake a claim on “their” bike. The frenzy at the beginning and end of each class created an unnerving experience and was a huge deterrent for new members of the studio.

Karen wanted the classes she offered at CB CycleBarn® to be different than the status quo, and she dreamed of creating a “stress-free environment that fosters personal growth, a sense of community, and an opportunity to transform body, mind, and spirit.”

Confident in her decision to use MINDBODY’s business management software, Karen then contracted with LiveEdit to build a custom integrated website for CB Cyclebarn®. When she agreed to participate in a beta launch for the Stations app (LiveEdit’s bike reservation app) in January 2014, Karen could not have imagined the rapid change it would make in her studio’s social climate.  With the introduction of the Stations app, Karen noticed a steady decline in symptoms of “It’s MY Bike Syndrome.”  

“In one day, the Stations app changed how it feels to be a customer at CB CycleBarn®,” Casler said. “It allows us to accomplish our mission of delivering superior customer service to our riders.”

The Stations app gives studio members the ability to reserve a bike right from the studio’s website. Karen was able to set up the layout of CB CycleBarn®’s rooms with custom icons and backgrounds. Once the studio member chooses a class, they are automatically prompted to choose a bike.  The Stations app integrates seamlessly with MINDBODY’s class schedule, and according to Karen, her customers love it. Since LiveEdit launched the the Stations app, over 27,000 reservations have been made worldwide. 

After two years in business, CB CycleBarn® is a thriving staple in the San Clemente fitness scene with the help of LiveEdit’s Stations app. The app has given the studio a competitive advantage over the area’s fitness centers, none of which has a similar registration system. Dedicated students continue to return to the studio, but are welcoming to newcomers who now enter the studio knowing what to expect and which bike they’ll use.

Karen Casler came to LiveEdit in search of a website for her indoor cycling business. What she found was a digital marketing platform built to amplify the power of her MINDBODY software. With key features like enhanced online scheduling, the Stations app, Performance IQ, email marketing, integrated blogging and a mobile-friendly site that can be managed by her administrative team, Karen is able to spend more time on the bike and less time on the computer.  

For more about CB CycleBarn®, visit their website. If you are a business owner interested in hearing about LiveEdit’s range of services, including Book A Bike, contact us for a free demo today.

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