Keep Clients and Prospects’ Hard-Earned Attention on Your Website

You’ve spent time and money on your website. You’ve selected the colors, found the best photos, and have made it the centerpiece of your business. However, you may very well be sending your clients away from your beautiful website when they decide to book with you. What if instead you could bring the power of MINDBODY to your website? With HealCode’s widgets you can do just that.

When clients and prospects move away from your website, you lose the opportunity to market to them. You control everything on your website, so you can try different and creative techniques. For example, you could put a HealCode Schedule Widget on your website’s schedule page, with  a large banner promoting an intro offer right above it. If prospects are currently going away from your website just to view your MINDBODY schedule, they may never see the offer and they may never come back to your website.

Mobile browsers benefit from HealCode as well. Generally speaking, between one-third and one-half of all website visitors browse websites using their mobile devices. This means your website needs to be ready for those visitors. Every single HealCode widget is mobile-friendly. This means that when a visitor to your website is using their mobile device, they will receive an amazing mobile booking experiencing without ever leaving your website. Your clients and prospects will be able to sign up for classes, workshops or appointments, create client profiles and even manage their MINDBODY accounts—all from your website.

Nearly 6,000 businesses use HealCode to generate more revenue and create an organic sales funnel from within their own website—taking a website visitor from prospect to paying client.

Meet HealCode at the BOLD MINDBODY Conference

Bring the full power of MINDBODY to your website with HealCode. First month free. HealCode is a Bronze sponsor of the BOLD MINDBODY Conference, coming up October 13–14. You can visit them at their booth in the expo hall, or learn more about them right now.

Thousands of businesses use HealCode to save time and make more money.

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