Interview with V Power Yoga: An Intro Offer that Works

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Erin Lombardo, co-owner at V Power Yoga in the warehouse district of downtown Columbus, Ohio, has an intro offer that works. To get new yogis in the door, V Power Yoga offers a new client special that they sell online, in the MINDBODY app and in person. But why has it worked so well for them? What’s the key to a great intro offer? Erin graciously sat down with us and let us in on how V Power Yoga’s intro offer has helped her business.

How do intro offers work at your studio?

We have just one—it’s two weeks unlimited for $25. We like it because, for the price of less than two drop-ins, it allows clients to try different instructors, classes and class times to find something that works for them. Everyone gravitates toward something different—so the intro offer lets them experience the whole studio and not just one class.

What type of clients do you generally attract with your intro offer?

A lot of people who buy the intro offer are looking to add yoga to their schedule for one, maybe two days—so they’re looking for that right fit. For a lot of them, it’s finding a class that speaks to them, so the intro offer works perfectly for that.

We also get people staying downtown on business who buy the intro offer because they’re in town for a week and want to do some yoga. So it draws in the business crowd, and then a lot of these people will come back to our studio when they’re back in town.

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Why did you create a two-week intro offer? How did you decide on that time period?

Two weeks is really common in our area. Also as a consumer, two weeks is a good length of time. It gives you enough time to try different classes, but not so much that it’s a long-term commitment. And price-point-wise, it’s easy for people to find at least three classes that they can attend during those two weeks, and that makes it worth it for them to buy.

Did you use any other intro offers prior to the one you’re using now?

We didn’t have any intro offers before we used MINDBODY because there was no way of tracking them. But now, when we run reports in MINDBODY, that’s one of the things we look at.

When we switched to MINDBODY in 2014, that’s when we decided to do an intro offer. We set it up that November and made it available to all of our clients, and then in December we limited it to new clients. A lot of people bought it in that first month. It was great for our existing clients because many of them had gotten into the habit of taking the same class every week, and this allowed them to try new classes. Actually, a lot of them thanked us for allowing them to buy the offer because studios will often just have deals for new people.

How do you market your intro offer?

Through our website, social media and in the studio. We do get traffic from the MINDBODY app, and a lot of these people will purchase the intro offer.

Anything else you’d like to add about your intro offer?

It's just hands down a better deal for our clients and for us. For our clients, they're getting the chance to try more classes at a lower price point than buying the drop-in. And then for us, new clients in a variety of classes means more opportunities to get to know each individual and their yoga practice. I love getting to know each client and personalizing my classes based on who is on their mat that day and the requests they bring. We are lucky to have awesome instructors who are able to do this—it's something that is really important to us.

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