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MINDBODY reaches beyond just providing scheduling software to businesses. With our partnerships with tech specialists like Perkville, we are able to help our clients succeed at retention. This blog post comes from Perkville.

We recently caught up with Shirley Morris, owner of The Bar Method Englewood, in Englewood, New Jersey. They opened in February 2010 when Shirley, a Bar Method junkie who had been driving two hours round-trip to get her fix, decided that Bergen County, New Jersey, needed its own studio.

When The Bar Method Englewood began offering a new type of membership, the Barfly, Shirley was concerned that it would not be as attractive if it did not offer any benefits beyond a price discount. “We developed a rewards program that was exclusive to Barflies to address this concern.” Shirley explained. “We wanted to reward our Barflies for being our loyal monthly customers. We also wanted to encourage our clients to attend more classes and to register for classes online.” Having clients registering ahead also allowed her to schedule classes and staff to better suit customer needs.

Nearly a third of Shirley’s clients have already signed up for the Perkville rewards program for Barfly. To date, rewards program members have been taking significantly more classes than non-members and they have been more than twice as likely to book online. Shirley noted that The Bar Method Englewood “had taken a number of steps to achieve those results, and Perkville had been part of the collective solution.”

women working out at Bar Method Englewood

“One of the best results of the rewards program has been driving new Barfly memberships,” Shirley said. The Bar Method Englewood’s rewards program was also designed to encourage referrals and social media posts; members receive points for each person they refer and for each post about The Bar Method Englewood on Facebook and Twitter.  Each month, program members have generated an average of 1.5 referrals resulting in the sale of a Barfly membership or Class Package and 38.4 social media posts.

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“I know our customers really love the rewards. Most of our customers have redeemed their perks to get a discount on their monthly membership. Everyone likes to save money.”

The Bar Method Englewood – Perkville Reward Program Statistics

Program Members


Percent of total customers



Classes per month per customer



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