Get to Know Your Clients, One Post at a Time

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A little friendly competition can bring you closer to your clients—and social media offers the perfect platform to challenge them when they’re away from your location. But content, as they say, is king. When you look at the content that you send out to your clients, do you share information with them or do you provide them with something of substance? A change in content and approach can reap rewards for your business—and your community.

A few weeks ago, MINDBODY had an internal contest to see whether our customer support team or our sales team could donate the most school supplies to the United Way’s Stuff the Bus in San Luis Obispo, CA, and East Hampton, NY. While the customer support team won the contest, we began to wonder what our clients do to give back to their communities, so we asked our followers on Facebook.

The response was overwhelming and we learned a lot about what the MINDBODY community was doing to give back to their nieghbors. The response was so overwhelming, we asked our Facebook fans to vote on which of our clients deserved recognition on our blog over the course of the next week.

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Tone Zone walked away with the win, but we feel that all of our clients who participated are awesome. We learned a lot about our clients and their work in their communities and we recommend that you do something similar in your business.

Like you and your business, our company is always evolving and changing. We got to know 14 of our clients through this contest, and ultimately, you can learn more about your client base by doing something similar. Reaching out to your clients on social media to learn their interests is a great way to begin to support your community. You never know what you can learn!

Be sure to check our Facebook page for updates about our next charitable client contest.