Create a Community with Keytags

When Liz DeFour founded Full Lotus Yoga in Gross Pointe, Michigan, in June 2013, she chose MINDBODY as her business management software after looking into what other yoga studios were using.

While the software was making her life easier as a business owner, she wondered how she could make the lives of the teachers at her studio easier as well and after some thought, she decided to invest in keytags for her studio.

While keytags are used in many gyms and health clubs across the country, they benefit other types of businesses, including yoga studios, as well. Because her students will now be able to check in by scanning a keytag, Liz will be able to ease the burden on her teachers when they work the front desk before their classes.

By giving each of her members a keytag, Liz hopes she will be able to create a community within both her studio and Gross Pointe.

“I know some gyms use them. I think they make you feel more like part of the studio when you have a card and clients always have our logo with them. Someone could see it and ask about the studio. It’s a great idea for marketing.”