Continue to Build Your Business with Facebook

Facebook has recently made some changes in response to viewers’ feedback concerning their News Feeds. After conducting a survey, they found that people are more interested in stories and Pages they can relate to, rather than promotional content they feel litters their feed. As a result, Facebook is changing the way they handle posts, giving users more control over the content they see.

Here are a few quick tips on how to keep your posts showing up in readers’ News Feeds:

Be friendly, not pushy.
Look at every interaction with your reader on the News Feed as the start of a relationship. When meeting someone for the first time you greet the person, introduce yourself and look for common ground to establish a bond.

Treat every interaction with your viewers the same way. Make it personally relatable, leaving the call to purchase your products or services until the end. If you choose to introduce it earlier, make sure it makes sense to do so. Remember, people aren’t against buying things. They simply want to feel recognized as an individual with a name rather than a price tag.

Here’s how:
When creating a post, draw readers in with content that will interest them. Tell them a story, teach them an interesting fact, or appeal to them in another way before asking them to do something. Keep the post itself fun and leave the “ask” for the page they’re sent to.

Use ads for more promotional posts.
News Feeds are where people go to find out what’s going on with their friends and the Pages of businesses they’ve liked. Their expectation is to read fun stories, facts and new and interesting things going on. Show them what they want to see and reserve your hard-hitting promotional materials for Facebook ads.

Here’s how:
If you don’t already, consider using Facebook ads. You can easily set your budget as high or low as you want, choose your desired audience and schedule its runtime. Then view your results from your dashboard, where you can easily pause an ad or remove it if needed.

Make the most of your business Page.
Your business Facebook Page is where people go to learn more about you and your products and services. Always be sure to include your contact information, web address and anything else you feel is pertinent for your readers to know.

Use your Page to keep viewers up-to-date on things like critical changes made, exciting events you’re hosting or guest appearances you’re making. Remember, people liked your Page because they’re interested in what you do and want to stay in-the-know when things happen.

Here’s how:
When creating posts, try to include pictures when you can and create photo albums of your store and events. People want to see what you’re all about. Also consider using Facebook’s Boosted Post feature when wanting your post to reach a wider audience, and stay away from jargon phrases like “buy now” or “show now”.

Get more Page likes and attract new viewers by sharing the information they want to see and reserving ads for your more promotional messages. Remember, your business Page is where people go to learn more about you and your business. Be sure to make them feel welcome when they visit, and keep them coming back with exciting imagery and fun, personalized content.