Business Success Depends on How Well You Navigate Change

Markets and technologies are evolving so swiftly today that it’s easy to get left behind. To stay relevant, you have to pay attention and be willing to pivot – to frequently adjust how you operate and market your services to meet demand and expectations.

Abandon Your Preconceptions

Sometimes success can be risky. We can tend to build boxes around strategies and initiatives that yielded great results in one environment, assuming that the same will hold true in multiple environments. It is extremely easy to get attached to these strategies and live in a “business box” – iterating on an old idea. Break out of your box, and allow failure to teach you as much as success. Try different pieces of previous ideas and move on quickly if they do not fit exactly with your current problem set. 

Fail Fast

It is said that business owners have to have almost delusional optimism to succeed, and while that is true of anyone brave enough to build a business, it can also lead to “positivity blind spots.” Failure is not negative; failure is essential, and the quicker you apply your delusional optimism to befriending failure and not avoiding negative outcomes, the quicker you will find success. When failure occurs, abandon the ego around the original idea, abandon the instinct to be defensive or disappointed, and channel your positivity into applying what you’ve learned to what is next.

Seek Dissent

It is human nature to lean toward the familiar. The path of least resistance is to surround yourself with people, coworkers and friends who believe what you believe, and who support the mission of your business. These people are essential, but cannot make up the entirety of the voices guiding your business decisions. Look for dissenting opinions, look for successful people who achieved their status in a completely different way, lean on different verticals to glean best practices and foster innovation in your own business. Lean on your like-minded supporters for your moral- and mission-based foundation, and lean on the dissenters for innovation, creativity and exponential growth opportunities.

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Vantage Point: Translating Change into Your Opportunity
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John is Marketing Director for Gainesville Health & Fitness. Tara is Regional Vice President for One Medical Group