Business Space Spotlight: Flash Lab

Flash Lab Front Desk

Your space is a key part of your business. It is a reflection of your culture to both your customers and your employees. We’re highlighting some of the most unique business locations from around the world. This month, we put the spotlight on Kelly and Jenny of Flash Lab in New York.

As long time estheticians, Kelly Rheel and Jenny Nemeth have worked in just about every spa environment imaginable—so when joined forces, they wanted to create something truly unique.

To create the environment they were looking for, Kelly and Jenny spent a lot of time scouting out the ideal location for Flash Lab in the heart of Manhattan, and eventually signed a lease to join a modern medical suite on Madison Avenue.

Flash Lab Interior

“We were initially going to sign a lease in the West Village which has a completely different personality than the Upper East Side,” Kelly explained. “If we had taken that location we may have created a more youthful, urban look. Without giving up too much of what made us ‘flashy,’ we opted for a brighter, crisper and more refined look.”

After signing their lease, Kelly, Jenny and the Flash Lab team learned there was one essential part of the design that they recommend other businesses consider: lighting.

“Lighting totally sets the mood, and when you can arrange yours according to day or night, make it treatment specific or set the tone for an event, it makes all the difference in the world,” Kelly shared.

Kelly also recommended spending time on extra decorative elements that are specific to your business model. "We purchased mirrors from Target that were easy on our budget—and they look amazing!"

For the team at Flash Lab, there are many benefits to designing a space that stands out. According to Kelly, repeat business is the best indication of how the studio is working. “We hope people feel attended to and appreciated by not only our service, but also the environment we've created for them. And you can't deny that nearly everyone shops a spa online before actually coming in these days. Designing a studio that's appealing in photos will get customers excited about their sessions before they even meet you or try your product.”