Bring Rio to Your Studio

Photo courtesy of Romney Studios

The Games in Rio are officially kicking off tomorrow. Take advantage of the fitness buzz with these quick and easy tips on how to bring Rio to your studio.

Host a competition.

Challenge your customers with a daily Games-inspired task or have a daily theme in line with each day’s events in Rio. You can also get your staff involved by creating a competition to close the most sales during the Games. Be sure to reward everyone who competes with a small token and give a larger prize to your winners!

Offer a special new deal.

Take advantage of all of the social chatter by launching a special deal. You could offer $1 off a service for each gold medal won by your country on a specific day or discount any services you offer that are related to the specific events in Rio--the discount would only be good if purchased during the Games.

Hold a themed class.

From limited-time-only classes that teach skills needed for the events in Rio to costume-themed training sessions, the ideas for creating a Rio-themed class are endless! Be sure to share photos and information about your event on social media.

Recognize your customers with medals.

For the next few weeks, recognize your customers achievements with medals. You can celebrate PRs or surprise your regular customers with a reward. (To find out who’s regularly attending class, pull the Attendance Analysis report in your software.) Your customers will be thrilled with the recognition and more likely to keep coming back.

Don’t forget the music and video.

If you have TVs, change the channel to the Games. If you play music between classes, switch it to inspirational tunes you’ll hear during the broadcast, and even consider using Brazilian music to bring the spirit of Rio to your business.

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