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Plymouth Yoga Room

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We recently had the opportunity to talk with Brent Reili, who is the co-founder of Plymouth Yoga Room in Plymouth, Michigan. Brent and his wife Sheri opened their yoga studio in January 2009, and celebrated five years in business this year. Together they have created a place where they can help others deepen their practice.

As Plymouth Yoga Room was growing, Brent understood the importance of having a good website, and started looking for a way to improve their website and make it easier to manage. “We were looking for a way to save money. We were spending a lot of money having someone manage our website, and wanted a more efficient way to handle this.” Brent explained. That’s where LiveEdit came in.

LiveEdit offered many features that Brent was looking to have in his company’s website, one being the ability to manage the content on his website with an easy drag-and-drop content control. By using LiveEdit to build out his website, Brent said, “We no longer need to pay someone to make updates to our website, and can easily do things like make announcements on our own.” Brent also pointed out how useful LiveEdit’s email marketing has been. He no longer needs to use other email solutions that he’s had to pay for in the past, saving him more money. A couple of other things Brent liked about LiveEdit was their ability to automatically create a mobile website and how easy it is for his customers to sign up with Plymouth Yoga Room and classes that they offer. LiveEdit seamlessly integrates with MINDBODY, allowing Plymouth Yoga Room’s members to sign up for classes, view schedules, make appointments or sign waivers—at home or on the go with their smartphone or tablet—all without ever leaving their website.

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Brent and Sheri launched their new site using LiveEdit in February 2013. “Our students have been raving about the new site: how great it looks, how easy it is to navigate and schedule/purchase classes,” Brent said. Plymouth Yoga Room has experienced a lot of growth with increased traffic to their site, a result of LiveEdit’s powerful SEO, and sign-ups growing significantly. Brent mentioned that there has been a 100% growth in sign-ups for this past month compared to April 2013.

To discover more about The Plymouth Yoga Room click here. If you’d like to learn more about LiveEdit and how to get started on your website, click here.

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