6 Easy Steps: Increase your Facebook Check-ins with Check-in Deals

Sleeping Tiger Fitness CheckIn

Facebook’s check-in feature is a way for people to post where they are in their status. They also have a clever additional reward feature, called Facebook Check-in Deals, that will allow customers to check-in to your studio or salon and receive an incentivized gift, discount, etc. for doing it. The best part of the Facebook Check-in Deal feature is the social viral effect: when a customer checks in to your business, that customer’s Facebook following will be exposed to your business from their check-in, putting your brand in front of hundreds of potential customers. With Check-in Deals, your customers are doing the marketing for you. It’s a win-win for your business and the customer!

Note: The Check-in Deals feature may not be available in all countries.

CrossFit Fury Checkin

Here’s how you get started:
1. First, your Facebook Page must be connected to a Place (Admin Panel > Edit Page > Update info > Basic Information). Add your business address there if you haven’t already.
2. Once your Place is established, go to Admin Panel > Edit Page > Update Info. Using the navigation on the left, click on Deals. Your screen should look like this:

Facebook Setup Deals 01

3. Now click Create a Check-in Deal for this Page.
4. From here, choose the deal option that fits best for the promotion you are offering.

Facebook Setup Deals 02

5. Next, define the Check-in Deal by indicating the incentive and the redemption process.

Facebook Setup Deals 03

6. Last, set the restrictions. If this is your first time trying the Check-in Deal feature, number the Max Redemptions to a lower quantity like 10–20. That way, your front desk staff will not be overwhelmed, and it will allow you to test the success of your deal and make modifications before the next one. Once you’re done, click Create Deal.

Facebook Setup Deals 04

Keep in mind that Facebook will take a few days to review and approve your deal. Here’s how your finished deal will look to the customer:

Facebook Setup Deals 05

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