5 Ways To Digitize Your Intake Process

Digital Intake Form on Mobile Phone

Digitizing your intake process—or the way you gather information from new customers—might seem scary, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are five ways digital forms can help you attract new customers—and grow your business.

  1. Use technology to attract new customers
  2. Digital intake forms not only appeal to new customers but also drive the ultimate guest experience. For example, according to the ISPA Foundation, 71% of millennials feel technology leaves a positive footprint on their lives. That means, the more you automate your intake process, the more positive the onboarding experience will seem to your new customers.

  3. Personalization
  4. People don’t like to wait, let alone sit and fill in a paper form answering questions you should already know: their name, email address and phone number. Instead, get to know everything about your guest with intelligent forms that are prefilled with their information before they arrive.

  5. Security and privacy
  6. Digital intake forms help reduce the risk of losing client information. Plus, with a HIPAA-compliant solution like Guest Intake, your customers won't need to worry about potential data security risks.

  7. Time
  8. With technology at everyone’s fingertips, your business can keep working long after you go home. By giving people the convenience of a digital intake form, you’ll also save time by not having to input and process their data.

  9. Accessibility
  10. People are becoming accustomed to everything having an app or being mobile-friendly. Digital intake forms are responsive and can be completed on any device. You can even complete the form with a digital signature with voice-to-text applications, making it accessible to all.

As technology becomes more integrated into our lives, it will also become a cornerstone of your success. With improved guest experience applications and software like MINDBODY and Guest Intake, you will have more time for your customers—rather than filling out and scanning forms.

Take your intake experience to the next level.

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