5 Must-Have Videos For Your Fitness Business

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When it comes to growing your fitness brand online, video is key. Sharing your story with video is a fun, easy, and effective way to gain brand awareness, get new clients in the door, and keep them coming back. Video gives your brand a competitive edge because it’s the way people prefer to get their online content. So much so, that by 2019, video will represent 80% of all internet traffic.

Ready to reap the benefits? Here are five video types to help you get started with marketing your fitness business.

How-to Video

When a potential client visits on social media, they're likely trying to find out if your fitness business is right for them. Make the right first impression with an educational video that adds value to your customers, and gives prospective clients a genuine look at your brand. A branded how-to video allows clients to get a feel for the atmosphere, classes, and instructors without their having to ever step foot inside your facility. For instance, Jabari Beaton of Unbeaton Bodies shared this Instagram video ad to let viewers get an insider look into his training routine and feel for his brand.

Promo Video

Studies have shown that viewers find video more compelling than text or images alone. When you pair the strength of video content with the ability to target a specific audience on social platforms, you end up with a powerful combination. Essentially, social video allows for a narrow, targeted approach to promoting sales and offers that helps gyms, boutiques and trainers get tangible results. So, use targeting and a specific call to action on your promo video to get your offer in front of the right audience.

Hint: To make the process even easier, try creating a promo template and repurpose it each time you have a sale or offer to promote, like this Facebook video shared by Pure Barre Red Bank.

Fitness Tips List

A fitness tips video, like this one, allows you to showcase your expertise, without overtly selling your facility or services. A social video featuring health or fitness tips is an easy way to connect with your customers using content that's relevant to them. And, that connection's important because 64% of users are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. Instead of interrupting your audience’s social browsing experience with a sales pitch, a tips video educates and empowers viewers and helps them relate positively to your brand.

Customer Testimonial

Customers raving about your business can put your business on the map. In fact, a survey conducted by the Better Business Bureau and Nielsen found that more than half of the respondents use ratings and online reviews when making purchase decisions. Leveraging customer reviews is an easy way to create video content that fosters trust in your business. This customer testimonial video from Hot Yoga Pasadena, for example, shares quotes from satisfied customers while showcasing the facility, and current clients. By posting this video on their Facebook and Instagram pages, the yoga studio gained credibility both online and in their local community. Don’t have footage of your facility? Use before and after shots of your clients paired with text testimonials to grab your audience’s attention.

Company Overview

Insight into your company values can familiarize potential clients with your brand, and helps differentiate you from the competition. At the same time, sharing your values with your current clientele helps build community and encourages existing customers to return.   An overview video is an engaging way to share what makes your business special. Plus, you can easily create this type of video using photos and videos of your business that you likely already have.

Hint: Instead of a long-form video that may be lost in the social feeds, create shorter pieces of video content to share with your audience regularly. For instance, cut a longer company overview into 3 or 4 videos to increase your reach and the engagement on social media.

Video gets results. It’s an easy way to reach a wider customer base, while keeping your current clients engaged and coming back for more. If you haven’t yet, make video a regular part of your marketing strategy, and start boosting your own fitness business today. I’m excited to be covering this, and much more at the upcoming BOLD MINDBODY conference.

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