3 Common Mistakes in Building a Brand

Your brand is everything that factors into a person’s decision to choose your services over someone else’s. It’s arguably the most valuable part of your business. As you build your brand, avoid these three common mistakes.


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These photographs are from the same company. They should convey the same experience, but don't.

Try this experiment. Take two examples of your marketing materials (e.g., your business card and your website). Do they look like they’re part of the same whole? The visual connection between the two—fonts, colors, logo, etc.—should be instant. If a potential client would have to stop and think about it, then it’s time to redo.


This is so much more than “I offer services x, y, and z.” It really comes down to describing the experience you want your clients to have. Try this: Write down 5-10 words that encapsulate that experience. Then keep them to review whenever you create anything related to your brand and ask: Does it convey those 5-10 words?

Like any other product or service, your business has a target market—and properly identifying it means knowing who isn’t a part of it. A successful brand communicates the value you bring in a very focused way. Start by creating a mission statement, then decide which services help advance that mission.

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