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MINDBODY partners with over 150 affiliates across the industries we serve, who in turn refer businesses within those industries to us.

  • It’s about the relationship

    Every affiliate brings unique opportunities and connections to the table. We approach our relationship with each member of the affiliate network differently, to best pair our strengths and achieve our goals together.

  • Marketing support is built in

    Affiliates receive revenue for every referral that signs up with us. To help land them, each affiliate is given individualized marketing support, making it simple to point referrals our way.

  • Many paths to success

    We have successful affiliates across many disciplines, including web designers/developers, business consultants, resellers and distributors, and franchisors and licensors.

  • We ask only two things

    Our affiliates need only agree to the terms and policies set forth in the partnership agreement, and reserve space on their website for web banners and backlinks to MINDBODY (which we provide).

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