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Wednesday, October 5

09:15AM–10:15AM Breakout Sessions

5 Marketing Tools You Can’t Grow Without (and How to Use Them)

Amanda Patterson

Vice President of Marketing, MINDBODY

Marketing to today’s savvy consumer requires a strategic approach on multiple fronts: SEO, email, social media, mobile, advertising, review sites and more. In this session, MINDBODY’s marketing maven will explore various marketing tools, including those already in MINDBODY sites, to help you identify the best ways to attract, engage and keep your future clients.


Success by Design: Building Your Ideal Customer Experience

Todd Eby

Founder and CEO, OUTCOMES

Most successful businesses have figured out that service and satisfaction are just as important as offerings and cost. In this session you’ll explore the steps necessary to differentiate your business in a crowded market with a great customer experience.


Build Your Team to Build Your Brand

Morgen Monie

Business Partner, MINDBODY

The MINDBODY team is built around a common vision, culture and goal. This session will help you do the same. Learn how to build a dynamic and loyal team that will champion your brand in every customer interaction. We’ll cover hiring, training, staff management and more. This session is back by popular demand from BOLD 2015!


The Secret Sauce for Your Decision-Making Process: Accounting

Amy Vetter

Global Vice President of Education and Head of Accounting, Xero

If accounting makes you feel like you’re in the dark, you are not alone. With limited resources, we’re challenged to do more with less, making it difficult to stay profitable. This course will help you assess your financial situation to help you make decisions that are best for your business.


10:30AM–11:30AM Breakout Sessions

Wellness Marketing on a Budget: Effective, Inexpensive Ideas That Work

Alison McCue

Vice President of Operations, CMO and Partner, Powerflow Yoga

Discover the secrets of marketing on a shoestring budget and take your brand to the next level. This session will provide tips for successful PR strategies such as community involvement, social media engagement and more. Learn how to make PR fun and affordable while increasing your income and outreach.


Sales Techniques – MINDBODY University Sneak Peek

Roxanne Borger

Director of Client Education, MINDBODY

Sales is how your customers connect to the products and services your business provides. More than that, it’s what keeps your business going. Learn best sales strategies, how to create a sales process and how to use MINDBODY for sales communications and follow-up.


How to Serve Your Community in Good Times and Bad

Tyron Woodley

Owner and Co-founder, ATT Evolution

You work hard to create a home for your clients within your studio. If you’re looking for ways to strengthen local ties beyond your walls, this session will provide tips to get started. Business owner and UFC fighter, Tyron Woodley, will share his experiences giving back to his community in Ferguson, MO.


Client Panel – Unique Revenue Streams

Panel Participants: Garrett Ewers, Tysan Lerner and Bryan Nelson

Have you maxed out your current space or hit a revenue plateau? Join us for an interactive discussion led by MINDBODY clients about successful revenue streams they’ve developed outside of the norm. From strategic partnerships to online video conferencing, their ideas may spark the inspiration you’ve been looking for.


01:45PM–02:45PM Breakout Sessions

World-Class Email Marketing

Ron Cates

Digital Marketing Expert and Constant Contact Solution Provider

Learn strategies, tips and tricks from an email marketing expert. This session will go beyond subject lines–covering targeting, content that works, strategy and designing for mobile and more. Get all of your email marketing questions answered here.


How to Love Online Review Sites—Even Yelp!

Christine McDannell

President, Eco Chateau Wellness Spa

Whether posted on Yelp, Facebook or the newest app, the influence of online reviews is only increasing. Now is the time to develop a strategy that incorporates online reviews into your plans for growth. This presentation is about lessons learned, successes earned and embracing the reality of online reviews.


How to Overcome Sales Myths and Learn to Love Selling

Stephanie Jennings

Senior Vice President of Sales, MINDBODY

Selling your services is essential to the health of your business. In this session you will move beyond any negative perceptions around selling to discover that sales equals passion. You’ll learn how to uncover the secrets to selling in ways that emphasize your clients’ wellbeing and convey your passion at the same time. This session is back by popular demand from BOLD 2015!


Thursday, October 6

09:30AM–10:30AM Breakout Sessions

The Client-Relationship Launch Formula: Audience First, Product Second

Vito La Fata

Founder, Fitness Profit Systems

Crack the code of modern marketing with the power of content: build your audience first, then create your product. Whether you’re a fitness start-up, a service provider or an established business struggling with traditional marketing, this session offers a step-by-step process for providing people with the exact solutions they’re looking for.


Uncovering the Elements That Drive Revenue and Engagement Using Data Analytics

Andres Moran

Creator and CEO, iKizmet

Understanding data trends within your industry is crucial for any business to stay relevant in today’s economy. Imagine if you could identify what elements drive revenue growth and engagement. In this session, we’ll explore industry data to examine what variables fuel lead generation, sales and attendance through the use of analytics.


Visionary Leadership: How to Articulate Your Vision and Bring It Down to the Ground

Luke Carlson

CEO, Discover Strength

Leaders create a shared vision with their employees. Then they align the business around bringing that vision to life. In this session, you’ll learn how to build a powerful vision for your business and then engage your team in implementing the strategy and tools to execute on that vision. Back by popular demand from BOLD 2015!


Legal Issues Every Fitness Business Should Know About

Ronald Weikers

CEO, YogaBalance Yoga Studio

Running a fitness business requires attention to various legal issues. In this informative class, you will review 1) contracting with clients, instructors, employees, partners and landlords; 2) insurance risks and coverage; 3) protecting intellectual property; 4) complying with laws and regulations; 5) expanding your business; and 6) selling your business.


10:45AM–11:45AM Breakout Sessions

Building Your Business on Social Media Alone

Kymberlee Kaye Raya

CEO, Fly Girl Dance & Fitness

Social media has taken over the fitness world: 96% of consumers start their search online and through social media. Learn how to turn your staff, instructors and clients into social media ninjas! Discover which platforms are the hottest for your business and how to build a community of followers and brand ambassadors.


Tradition vs. Trend: Knowing When to Adjust Your Strategy

Tara Sampson

Director of Marketing, VIDA Fitness

Building your business means understanding your current market and past success while making sure that you are relevant, exciting and pushing boundaries. This intersection can be hard to find as many tend to swing one way or the other. In this session, we’ll walk through examples of businesses that have found the perfect balance.


Create Clients for Life: Customer Loyalty Through Personalized Service

Greg Finch

Owner and Director of Training, Studio Fitness and Surf Strong Fitness

Clients can break up with you at any time. So, what does it take to keep them loyal? Personal connection. In this session, you’ll discover thoughtful ways to connect with your clients throughout their week—even when they’re away from your gym or studio.


03:15PM–04:15PM Breakout Sessions

Client Retention Best Practices – MINDBODY University Sneak Peek

Marina de la Torre

Senior Director of Customer Success, MINDBODY

Marketing brings people in the door; retention strategies keep them coming back! This session will outline simple, proven strategies in customer service, as well as staff incentives and “win back” campaigns that are easy to implement immediately.


Big Picture Brand Marketing

Kristin Weitzel

Owner, VLD Fitness

Today’s businesses come in all shapes, trends and sizes. No matter what, your brand needs consistent, engaging and thoughtful 360-degree marketing practices to keep up with the competition. In this session, you’ll get practical advice to help you shift your brand in the direction of your dreams.


Pricing and Promotion Strategies for Maximizing Revenue

Matt Capizzi

Co-founder and CEO, Zenrez

As a studio owner, it’s likely that you’re an expert in one of the 4 P’s of marketing— product. But without the right pricing and promotion strategies, attracting the right customers to experience your products and services is much more difficult. This session will review different customer segments, and how to target each one using pricing and promotion.


Top 10 Ways to Rock Your Success as a Health and Wellness Practitioner

Sadie Nardini

Founder, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga

Wellness expert by day, rock star by night, Sadie Nardini knows the secret sauce needed for ensuring success. In this session, she’ll share 10 tried–and–true techniques for attracting greater and more meaningful abundance as you pursue your passions. From how to “become the icon of your truth” to “creating conscious freedom,” Sadie’s techniques will help you focus on building a clear, creative and unique career doing what you love.


See you next year!

  • Rick Stollmeyer

    Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Rick Stollmeyer

    Rick Stollmeyer is MINDBODY’s CEO and Co-founder, leading the company’s culture, mission and strategy and ensuring that everything the company embraces – from product line to business development to employee enrichment – serves the company’s vision: Leveraging Technology to Improve the Wellness of the World.

    MINDBODY launched in October 2000 as a bootstrap startup out of Stollmeyer’s garage. Today, the company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution leads the industry, powering local businesses in 132 countries and territories.

  • Robert Murphy

    Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Marketing Officer

    Bob Murphy

    Bob Murphy is MINDBODY’s Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder. He played an instrumental role in driving the company toward a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model in 2005 and officially partnered with Stollmeyer that same year. Prior to joining MINDBODY, Murphy was the co-owner of multiple Be Yoga NYC locations and an early adopter of the company’s software.

  • Denise Lee Yohn

    Brand-building expert, speaker & author

    Denise Lee Yohn

    Denise Lee Yohn is a leading authority on building and positioning exceptional brands and the author of the bestselling book What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principles That Separate the Best from the Rest (Jossey-Bass). She has 25 years of experience working with world-class brands and a talent for inspiring audiences with her fresh perspectives.